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I regularly use the ERE in the course of representing claimants in ALJ level claims.

As a representative utilizing this system, I believe it would beneficial to have claimant's electronic files available at all levels of the claim. This would eliminate much phone and other traffic through the field offices, lessening their burden. At the very least, an ERE Bar Code should be sent to claimants at the commencement of their claims or to claimant's representatives. Of course, these can be requested once the claim has left the field office and gone on to the state agency for work up, but these steps and extra back and forth work could be eliminate if the opportunity to upload evidence electronically was automatically in place. Particularly if access to the claims at a lower level (Initial/Recon) is not a practical matter.

Lastly, and because I predominately work with concurrent claims, I really wish applications for SSI could be processed on line. Aside for obvious issues such as an increase in volume in filings, and relevant data capacity and system requirements, I believe this would eliminate many burdens currently placed on the field offices which could be streamlined and thus allowing them the capacity to provide more timely and adequate services to claimants and beneficiarys.



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