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It's more then vital that the data and info out there via the SSA in regards to individual representative payee's and such be updated to information more recent to the times. I do not know when the previous informational booklet for Representative payee's was made and printed but it leaves a lot to be desired. I do not know if the organizational payee's are given a whole lot more information and such but the individuals acting as payee's for loved ones, friends, and family really need some more guidelines and information. For instance in regard to illness if your loved one and the beneficiary is placed into a hospital setting due to illness obviously this is not reported every time this happens. However due to the idea that SSI for instance is payable to disabled individuals it may be safe to say they often can require maybe more medical assistance then the "average joe" correct? Well if that recipient has a illness that requires hospital visits how long is to long of a hospital stay? What amount of hospital time would equal the need to report this to the SSA? Also in regards to your overall relationship that is a field I feel no knowledge given on. For instance obviously as payee rep you have a obligation to tend to the finances of these individuals but aside from the actual paying of their bills or assuming they can take on this task then the actual giving them funds to do such a thing and touching base on those things how much must you socialize above and beyond this with the individual? With today's crazy hectic schedules its safe to say a person may be conflicted with the want to help a loved one in need as well as the education and know how in basic bill paying and life skills however this person may also be unwilling to personally entertain the conversations of the recipient. This can cause conflict especially if whole-heartedly you have the know how and the ability to help the life of this person you just lack the ability to sit and yack most times because you are dealing with or tending to your own life and so fourth. I love my payee obligations I do and I see that people can and do vary in their abilities to manage finances while some people are high functioning in these areas others will crash and end up worst case homeless without such support so I see the incredible need for the people to stand and help such a type of person. I feel though with no support when it comes to these issues as well as personal item spending like after the bills are paid and things are tended to for the month because of plans put into action well what happens to the "wants" vs "needs" of disabled individuals. The last time I asked our local office the policy in terms of things like court ordered restitution and my obligation felt to tend to such a thing or the basic idea in terms of this (if it is to be tended to and in what priority when it comes to people some with very low, limited income and needs to maintain quality of life) I was left with not a single concrete answer. I know this is not an everyday instance but I know I cannot be alone in such things. We simply need updated info and more specifics because I often feel one day all my hard given help, compassion, support, and all without an exchange of a single dollar for such services may come back and slap my hands because of a answer I simply would've understood if given the chance however due to lacking on the side of the SSA I would then be the wrongdoer it just seems unjust. I hope if that day should arrive that I the REPRESENTATIVE PAYEE will be supported in a urgent or important setting. Otherwise what is the incentive of helping these individuals if eventually with your support and guidance you end up being a villain. Sorry I am frustrated over such things being tossed out over and over again when most of us don't even ask for a day off and legitimately do our very best then find that shifted and concern immediate over frivolous things.



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