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Retraining and Relief for Customer Service

As others have written, it takes me 4-5 phone calls plus 3-4 visits to my local SSA to get a correct answer or to get something like a simple form to be filed correctly. I understand what a massive project social security is, and I can imagine how many cases and issues the folks working the SSA desks and phone lines must handle daily - they are overwhelmed! Being so overwhelmed, I too would get frustrated and probably have the same defeated attitude. However, it is insanity on the consumer end trying to get something accomplished like file a simple form. I think efforts should be kept up to allow the consumer to do whatever they can online. And I feel that greater responsibility should be taken by the leaders of these local SSA offices to keep training and encouraging their people working the front lines. Let the front lines workers see that they are making a difference - that progress is being made and the war against chaos is being won and this thing is manageable.



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