Open Data

New Data Releases at SSA

A Community Member recently made a request for data he wanted our agency to release, and several of his requested data sets became available to the public. You can find those data sets, as well as other newly released data, at the links below:

• Social Security Administration 800 Number Network Average Speed to Answer:


• Social Security Administration 800 Number Network Call Volume and Agent Busy Rate:


• Equal Access to Justice Act Payments:


• Processing Time for Initial Disability Cases Involving the Processing Centers:


• Video Hearing (VH) Opt-Out Numbers and Rates for Hearing Requests Received FYTD 2015 (through May):


• Retirement and Survivor Insurance Applications, including Medicare:


• Percentage of Fast-Track Receipts:


• State of Georgia Appeals Council Request for Review Actions 2009-2014:


If there are specific data sets that you are interested in, or if there is any data you believe we should be releasing, please share your comments in this forum.



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