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Make sure you have all of the medical records before decision!

Have Disability Determination Services contact the claimant to verify medical records from all sources have been collected BEFORE the claim is sent to the medical pool to be reviewed!


How many denials have there been because the DDS worker did not get records and gave up looking/waiting for them? I swear to god I have talked to so many clients who had no idea what records had been collected and who received a denial letter and said "WELL THEY DIDN'T GET RECORDS FROM MY XXXX DOCTOR!" Ugh!


Send the claimant a letter stating "We have collected records from the following sources and dates XXXXXXXX and unless we hear from you within XXXXX business days we will assume you have submitted all evidence and a decision will be made based on these records."


I'm sure it would cut back on at least a good few of the appeals and hearings... Do it right, not over!



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