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In 2014 SSA ranked number 6th in the "Best Place to Work In Federal Government" rankings. In 2015 we held on to our number 6th spot. In 2016 SSA fell to rank at number 9th and in 2017 we fell to a whopping 12th slot, this is 6 slots down from 2 years prior. There is an issue here. I am sure if we dig deep we would find there is a issue with leadership amongst employees. Leaders have many challenges and building a team is a huge one. However, a strong leader uses skills to do just that. To become a strong leader there has to be some accountability when it comes to team building. A person should not be given a job just to hold a title. They should be given the responsibility to lead because the agency trusted they could do just that. I am suggesting to ensure ongoing development in leaders the agency conduct yearly surveys on management teams. These surveys should be given to employees and employees should be encouraged to participate anonymously or not. An overall report should be done and copies of the results of the survey's (report) should be given to appointed persons in the Regions and at Headquarter and a copy of placed in the manager's 7B-File. The results should outline strengths and weaknesses of supervisors. If it does not cost the agency much an outside source should oversee the survey, however, this can be done in-house. These surveys just like the yearly "Customer Satisfaction Survey" can pinpoint areas of improvement for the agency and their managers. These surveys should reflect in manager's PACS reviews also. It also adds an additional responsibility for management to hold themselves accountable for how they treat and build their team. In the long run this can help the agency identify strengths and weaknesses in their leaders (individually), it will also save money in HPO and EEOC investigations and mitigate monetary settlements in lawsuits. Surveys are great tools and can be pretty inexpensive compared to the money the agency will save in lawsuits.



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