Open Data

Open Data for the Public

Welcome to the Open Data engagement site of the Social Security Administration (SSA). The purpose of this site is to receive ideas about additional SSA data that we should make available to the public. As a public site, the public will be able to add ideas, as well as comment and vote on all ideas.

Please review our current inventory of data on the Social Security Data Page to see the data that has already been released. Here you will find information on over 1,700 data assets and search functionality for navigation. Background about this government-wide initiative is available at

If you are visually impaired or having other troubles using this engagement, please feel free to email to submit your ideas!

    How to use this community:
  • When you are ready to add a new idea, first register, and then select the “Submit New Idea” button. You will then have a chance to add a title and choose a topic for your new idea.
  • To vote for an existing idea, simply click the up or down button arrows.
  • Look for the word “comment” to add a comment to an existing idea.